10 Jun 2012

Time to leave

Stage backround

This picture was made for the hungraian rock band ElfSong. The graphic will be printed in 7×2m size for stage background.

Time to leave
I draw first a pencil sketch, then I used a Wacom Cintiq 24HD with Wacom Airbrush Pen to render the full image. The original size is 14 000 × 4 000 pixels.

Details & Step by Step

detail · middle
detail · left side
detail · right side

Step by step

After the pencil sketch I painted a color sketch to feel the overall mood of the image.

After creating the color sketch I calculated the size for the full image to to fit to the planned stage backround. On the final size I started to render the details of the image.

I prefer to use only the necessary layers, here I used the layers above:
  • overpaint - a correction layer to polish the image
  • fairy and elven girl
  • goblins
  • deer and stag
  • foreground - trees and grass
  • boar
  • airship and crew
  • background - the clearing and the far trees
  • sky

Sometimes I added some other layers temporary for reference (deer, stag, boar)

the sky and the background
creating the background trees
I created some brushes and textures to create authentic tree bark and foliage.

To paint the creatures I started to sketch them directly in the image. On the dark background I used a bluish medium grey color to define the figures, after then I added the lights and colors. The Wacom Airbrush Pen proved to be a very useful item.



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